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Study Course

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Tipitaka (Pali Canon)

New Beginning and a New Name

I've decided to re-open this journal after several years, because I think it will be a useful place to note my thoughts as I continue my study into true nature. Nearly 1 year ago I undertook a lay-ordination in Zen Buddhism that is referred to as Jukai, which means "taking the precepts". This means that I have taken a public vow to live by the precepts in the Zen tradition, and I have a name that has been given to me, which is now the name of this blog.

ShoYu 正友

My name is a Japanese homonym for "soy sauce" (which is always good for a laugh when I meet someone who understand Japanese), but the kanji that is used actually means "authentic friend". The long way of saying it is "Sho:shin-mei:no Yu:jin". I think ShoYu will do though.

Starting at the Beginning

Having been a student of Zen for several years, I've often said that I'd like to go back to the beginning and work my way forward. I have now begun acting out that plan and will continue along the following study course:
  • Tipitaka (Pali Canon)
  • Nagarjuna
  • Bodhidharma
  • Chinese Chán Masters
  • Dogen Zenji
  • Japanese Zen Masters
  • White Plum Teachers
Each piece of this study course will probably take around 1 year to complete, which will make this program around 7 years in length.

ShoYu 正友


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